The Calgary Secular Church is volunteer run, which means we are dependent upon the giving of our congregation for our ministry.

Generally we have meet our monthly service needs, but there are many things we would like to do beyond the monthly service to further the mission and ministry of the CSC. This page will contain a list of things we are currently raising money for, an indication of how much they will cost, and how much we have currently raised. Please check back often, and give generously! Together we can change the world for good.

Giving Opportunities:

  • Calgary Gay Pride Parade entrance fee: $75 Raised: $0
  • Calgary Secular Church banner: $100 Raised: $0
  • None of the Above Conference table fee: $100 Raised: $0
  • Day of the Beautiful Dead artists fees: $100 Raised: $100
Last Updated: 2016-08-01

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