Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Doubt Hotline

Growth is a goal of the CSC. I would like to make the CSC the largest non-secular organization in the world (because what we do is good, and you can't have enough good), and the rapid growth of "religious nones" bodes well for this endeavor. However, our current culture is still heavily religious. We should explore plans of action at the CSC that allow us to access this religious population in a way that is consistent with our church Constitution (particularly the "as much as possible, reduce real and potential harm" part).

One idea presented by members of the CSC to reach into this religious population was for a "doubt hotline". Every former religious person that I have ever met tells a similar story: years of crippling doubt, feeling completely alone with their fears, no one to turn to who would not condemn them, and having no safe place to go to ask questions. Many of these fears could be alleviated with an understanding person to talk to, someone safe, who will not condemn or shun them, but will join with them on the journey either back in to their faith, or out of it completely.

To this end, I propose we set up an email, maybe "", which anyone could write to. Volunteers would respond to the emails with useful links, advice, or simply an "I'm listening. Tell me more." We advertise it as strictly confidential, and we follow applicable laws regarding abuse and imminent danger.

What does everyone think of this? Would it be something you'd like to be a part of? Can you see yourself answering emails to doubting strangers?


  1. Not sure I could answer any questions, but would like to see what people are asking and thinking. I can see that you have had no comments so far. I sincerely trust that I'm not "everyone". Here's hoping that your project will take off. Just needs time. Love the idea of a secular fellowship place, not so sure Church is the right name for it.

  2. Yep church in the title is marketing suicide drop it I am in.

  3. Thanks for the comments, everyone. We get a lot of questions about the "church" portion of the title. I'll write a little post about it, explaining our reasoning.

  4. New post is here: